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Established in 2018, the Mawa brand has been dedicated to delivering unparalleled product quality directly from the source to consumers. Rooted in the expertise of its parent company, Royal Golden Trading, with over 30 years of experience in sourcing the world’s finest spices and dry fruits, Mawa has positioned itself as a direct conduit to the essence of premium ingredients. Drawing from RGT’s extensive experience, Mawa seamlessly channels the tradition of excellence, ensuring that you receive nothing less than the best. Building upon a legacy of excellence, Mawa is committed to providing you with products that exemplify the pinnacle of taste and wholesomeness.

Backed by a legacy of quality, Mawa holds several esteemed accreditations. Recognitions from BRC (British Retail Consortium), Distribution of Nuts & Seeds, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and Organics underline our commitment to stringent quality standards. Our pursuit of excellence remains ceaseless, as we diligently work towards securing additional certifications aligned with the evolving demands of the market.

Nestled within the confines of the AA grade certified BRC facility in National Industries Park, Jebel Ali, Mawa’s operations exemplify a commitment to precision and hygiene. This strategic location reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest standards while serving as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of quality.

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Our vision is simple yet profound: to present you with the finest ingredients and snacks that seamlessly intertwine exceptional quality with exceptional value. By prioritizing your needs, we aspire to create an experience that is both nourishing and delightful, showcasing our commitment to the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our mission encapsulates our unwavering ambition: to become the preferred brand for food products in the Middle East. Through our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer-centricity, we strive to carve a niche where Mawa stands synonymous with excellence, authenticity, and culinary pleasure.

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Integrity : We act in good faith with honesty and truthfulness in actions.

Commitment : We take responsibility even at times of adversity.

Teamwork : Together we can achieve more.

Quality : We aim to deliver quality with consistency.

Innovation : We think ahead and are always open to stimulate improvements.

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